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Temple of Peace International Spiritual Center

Temple of Peace International Spiritual Center, is an inter-faith spiritual community whose doors are open to all who aspire to seek genuine spirituality, personal change and loving service to humanity.




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Cleansing Spa

Spiritual Retreat

The Temple of Peace offers cleansing and detoxing programs that combine the finest well care products, healing foods, emotional and spiritual support. We specialize in colon hydrotherapy sessions with certified colon therapist Shelley St. John RN, CHT.

embrace a spiritual journey

How we support your healing?

Detailed Explanation

Upon arrival at the Wellness Sanctuary, you will re­ceive a detailed explanation of the cleanse and the schedule of your daily programs.

Sacred Circle

Each day begins with a sacred circle to acknowledge, amplify and honor your spiritual intention of healing.


Daily colon hydrotherapy, including aromatherapy, is set to the background of relaxing and inspiring high vi­brational music.

Supportive therapies

Additional supportive therapies include hyperbaric oxygen treatment, ionic foot bath, and Raymedy fre­quency attunements.


Signature farm-to-table gourmet meals are provided to keep you well fed and beautifully nourished.

Aqualani Day Spa

You will have access to the Aqualani Day Spa featuring an infrared sauna, herbal steam room, hot tub, and cold plunge pool.


To release emotional blocks, a transitional hypnother­apy session with Shelley (certified hypnotherapist) is offered and included.

Explore the island

Afternoons and evenings are available to explore the island. We have a list of several excursions (at an addi­tional fee) designed to match your level of adventure with your cleanse schedule. This retreat is the perfect opportunity to get healthy and have fun doing it!

Sunday Service

Heart Song Celebration

Join us in Musical remembrance, practice, and Celebration of our Divine connection! Singing, Dancing, and Positive affirmations in Praise of the Beloved and service to humanity.

providing true healing to humanity

Meet Kedar and Shelley

Shelley St John is an Ordained Minister, Registered Nurse, Certified Colon Therapist and Instructor, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, masseuse, longevity coach, counselor, wife, and mother. She has devoted her life to the education and empowerment of people while inspiring them to believe that miraculous healing experiences are indeed possible.

In 2000, Shelley and her husband Kedar founded the Wellness Sanctuary and non-denominational church they call, the Temple of Peace. Of course, this magical place exists on the tropical island paradise of Maui Hawaii.

They have since served their local community and the tens of thousands of people that have come from across the globe and attended services, workshops, classes, or received healing, coaching, and counseling through this beautiful healing center for the body, mind, and spirit. Shelley’s passion is assisting those in need to reignite and embrace their own magnificent health. 

She and Kedar facilitate this transformational opportunity through a variety of combined treatments while focusing on colon health and increasing oxygen levels through sessions in the onsite hyperbaric chamber. They have found themselves repeatedly witnessing the profoundly positive effects that exposure to high levels of oxygen has in drastically increasing positive healing outcomes as well as mental clarity. 

Shelley and Kedar’s lifelong commitment to providing true healing to humanity makes them both the perfect embodied examples of LOVE in ACTION!

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The Wellness Sanctuary at the Temple of Peace is dedicated to supporting a lifestyle based on the development and unfolding through the highest spiritual practices.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Experience a rebirth on the deepest levels.

Temple of peace healing church is an interfaith spiritual sanctuary, integrated auxiliary 501c3 religious non profit corporation, located on the island Maui, Hawaii. 

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